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Friday, 12 November 2010

Welcome to new wedding clients Hayley and Phil

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The week we are delighted to welcome Hayley and Phil as our latest wedding clients for 2012. They found us on the WPJA website so obviously had a really clear idea of the style and quality of photography they were looking for. After a few emails, we met up and they were delighted with our work. They had considered several other "big name photographers" in the wedding sector before coming to us so we are thrilled to have been commissioned for this wedding. It was great to meet a couple with such a clear idea for their photography. Hayley said "We both felt extremely comfortable in your company, and your images were second to none. We both agreed that, honestly there was no point in us 'shopping around'. So, Phil and I both agreed as soon as we left you, that we would very much like it if you and your wife would be our wedding photographers. We are both really excited about working with you both. Our plans have been a little stagnant of late, but we both feel a renewed exuberance after meeting with you!"
We're really looking forward to it too.....

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