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Friday, 27 January 2012

Image of the week 2012, number 4.....

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I really can't believe how quickly the time to post one of these images comes around! I'm really glad I set myself the challenge though, at the moment anyway, as it keeps me looking out for pictures all the time!
Last weekend, I took my daughter to London for a "Britain's Got Talent" audition. We had a great day, leaving Liverpool at 415am and arriving for the audition at 9. we waited for 3 1/2 hours then went in for the audition which was, literally, one minute!
Serena did really well, and although she was nervous, it didn't show in her voice as she sang...we have to wait now till the end of Feb to hear if she is through to the next stage.
Of course, I took my trusty GF1 and took a few photos as we wandered around London after the audition. We walked round Trafalgar Square (including a visit to the National Gallery), along Regent St and Oxford St.
The image I have decided to show is one that I took at Kilburn tube station as we were making our way to the audition. The sun was just coming up on the other side of the platform to camera right, but it produced a really strange light on this side of the station that seemed to only last for a couple of minutes. I made a few exposures, 3 in total, changing the settings slightly each time and decided I like this one the best. No particular reason, just that it appeals to me!
Straight out of the camera, no vignette even (which I love and put on almost all of my images!!)

Panasonic Lumix GF1 20mm f1.7, 1/250th ISO 400

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