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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Latest commercial work...

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Last week, photographer Ian MacMichael was on a commercial assignment in Manchester for global energy company ENER-G. The brief was to photograph the biggest appliances they manufacture before they were shipped out to Romania. The "engines" featured in the shoot produce aroung 2MW of electricity and are over 40' long! They are so heavy they can only be shipped via special low loader and driven to their destination!

The images will be used for internal marketing materials and also some other publicity. The shoot lasted just over an hour and a half in the companies manufacturing facility. This made a change from the last shoot for ENER-G where we were photographing the smallest products they make!

The lighting conditions were very challenging and we used a combination of ambient light and 3 Speedlights triggered by the Pocketwizard flex system and controlled by the AC3 zone controller.
This made things really east as changes to the light output can be made from the camera and time isn't wasted walking around from light to light adjusting the power of each one individually. The system performed flawlessly and we are really delighted with the results. A few of the images are shown here.....

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