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Saturday, 26 May 2012


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Just a reminder about the photography training course we are planning to offer in the summer covering the basics of getting more out of your camera and turning your vision into photographs. We already have one confirmed attendee, so we're looking for 4 others to join us...we will be looking at:

Basic camera controls (what do the buttons actually mean and do?!)

Setting up your camera (getting consistent results from your gear)

Photographic vision (why this is more important than how good your camera is)

Composition (seeing a photograph before pressing the button) Exposure (including shutter speed, aperture and ISO)

Post-production and workflow (the digital darkroom)

We're thinking it will be around £25 per person for a maximum of 5/6 people, including a booklet outlining some of the areas we'll cover on the day and a lunch where we can continue to discuss all things photography.

Get in touch via comments here on the blog, facebook or twitter, or email ianmac7@me.com.....

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