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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Your photography needs you!

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In response to a couple of requests we have received recently, we are proposing to hold a photography training session, probably a Saturday morning (3hours ish) sometime in the summer. It will be aimed at anyone who wants to improve their skills with their camera and maybe help you become more confident handling your camera and being more successful in getting from your camera what you would like to. We have all looked at photographs and thought "I'd love to be able to do that", well, here's your chance to at least make a start in getting closer to that! We will meet up, then walk from the meeting place to our lunch destination, shooting, discussing and practicing along the way. Basically, it will be a nice walk, a nice lunch and some photography and training thrown in along the way, what could be better! The topics we cover are very open to your suggestions, but here are couple we have been asked about and we think it would be useful as a starting point: Basic camera controls (what do the buttons actually mean and do?!) Setting up your camera (getting consistent results from your gear) Photographic vision (why this is more important than how good your camera is) Composition (seeing a photograph before pressing the button) Exposure (including shutter speed, aperture and ISO) Postproduction and workflow (the digital darkroom) We're thinking it will be around £25 per person for a maximum of 5/6 people, including a booklet outlining some of the areas we'll cover on the day and a lunch where we can continue to discuss all things photography. If this is useful and goes well, we will then look at running a follow up going on to maybe some more advanced techniques and looking at post production and editing in more detail... At this stage, we're only looking at getting expressions of interest to see if this is something you would like to be involved in. If you're interested, please email your details and any suggestions to info@ianmacmichael.co.uk or call/ text 07812422349, or send a message via our Facebook page, Ian MacMichael photography or tweet us @imacphotography. Over the coming weeks, we'll keep posting about this and share any suggestions made for topics to be covered and how we're getting on for numbers. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.......

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