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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wedding magazine feature....

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Last week we were contacted by wedding magazine Your Merseyside Wedding. The magazine appears all over the UK in regional editions. T

he Merseyside version has only recently been launched and has been met with great success. We received an email asking for us to submit some shots to be considered for the front cover of the magazine later this year.

Whilst it is nice to be asked, it is difficult to choose a small number of images to send in. While the images were being considered, they asked us to send over some more images for a venue styling feature in an upcoming issue.

At the moment, we are still waiting to hear if we have made the front cover, but they did get in touch to say that they love our style of photography and they will be using all the venue images we sent in the styling feature. It's always nice to have worked recognised and we are pleased to have been contacted and considered for the front cover even if one of our images isn't used.

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