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Friday, 7 September 2012

Another feature on BrideAccess.com!

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We found out today that some of our photographs have been used on the blog of wedding web site BrideAccess.com. We are delighted to have been featured again, this time as part of an article on wedding themes and styling.

"Wedding themes are more than just a tidy label for your wedding. A wedding theme can show off your personal style as a couple and bring cohesion to the different elements of your wedding. Themes keep you organized and focused, giving your wedding a polished look.  Here are a few ways to incorporate a theme without overdoing it.
First, consider the depth of your theme. Would you like to merely allude to a theme and create a certain mood or feeling, or do you intend to mimic a direct time, place, or idea? For instance, the vintage theme is certainly a popular theme choice. You can either incorporate a few older pieces such as picture frames or old books and use light ivories to nod to vintage eras in general, or you can use fedoras, flapper-style bridesmaid dresses, and a vintage Model-T to convey a distinctly 20s look."

You can see the full feature here.

Thanks to Marcie at Bride Access for featuring our work again! Here's another "theme" image from a recent wedding......

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