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Monday, 17 September 2012

Post photo walk report....

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Well, our first photography training workshop, which we called a photo walk, took place last Saturday.

We are delighted to say that it was a fantastic morning spent getting to know each other, talk about cameras and photography and spend some time shooting and trying things out!

We met up at Costa for a coffee and used that as our class room for the first hour. We talked about some basic elements and the way a camera works and what some of the settings mean and how that changes what we capture. There were lots of really good questions and we all helped each other out with answers.

We then went out side and wandered around some of the Brunswick dock area of Liverpool waterfront. We started off all shooting in fully automatic mode to see what we were getting. We then went on to use manual to see how we could change and control the light.

There was lots of time to take plenty of photographs and also, as there were only 5 delegates, enough time for each one to spend time with Ian  and get help and advice.

Some feedback was:

Hi Ian,

I definitely enjoyed the day...thank you!

In terms of feedback, mine is all positive. I thought the group size was spot on...it was small enough for everyone to have some time with you and to be able to ask questions, without that taking away from the practical experience.

For me personally, there was a lot of information and a lot of that was quite scientific and mathematical, neither of which are my strong points! But I think that when I read up on it again it will make more sense...I need to take my time on stuff like that.

As the day went on, I found it easier to understand things as I could see the difference that the different manipulations made to the photo...which was a revelation!

The day has definitely left me wanting to know more and I can't wait for the next one!

I have to say it was brilliant to see people go from a really basic knowledge when we first met up to then shooting in fully manual mode and being delighted with their results. 

And also...

Just wanted to say thanks for a great session. I've learned loads and things were explained really well 

Here are a few images from the day...I don't know who shot them, I have done a quick edit on 2 that I liked!

We have now set up a Facebook group, Ian MacMichael photography training group, so feel free to head over there and get involved and keep informed about the dates of future training walks that we will running.....


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