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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Some more photo walk feedback and further info....

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We received a really nice email from another of the delegates who attended the photo walk photography training workshop a couple of weeks ago......

"I thought the workshop was excellent, a lot of useful tips and information. Really happy that I now know how to use my camera, not just on manual in such a short space of time!

I enjoyed learning about how the camera works as I feel this is key to taking great picture (this I did not realise until attending the workshop!). It was interesting to play around with the camera and having the knowledge to create the effect you want!

All information given was explained clearly and not too technical so was very easy to follow and understand.

Also I thought the group size worked very well giving everyone the opportunity to have some time with you and ask questions.

Looking forward to the next one and I am definitely excited to be involved! Thanks again for a great day!"

We were originally thinking the the follow up work shop will take place in January, along with running the first workshop again for those who missed it.

However, there seems to be a lot of interest so we are thinking that we may run this first workshop again in early December.

Again, the numbers will be limited to 5 so if you are interested in attending and learning how to get more from your camera and be happy with the images you shoot, then please get in touch.
You can get in touch through this blog, Twitter or Facebook.

We also have a group page on Facebook which you can join. In that group you can ask questions, talk to people who attended the first course and get their views, share your own images for feedback and also keep up to date with all the latest info on upcoming courses and training.

We will share a few possible dates and see what works the best for everyone..........

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