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Monday, 8 October 2012

Commercial work for AF First Aid.

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The weekend, we completed a photo shoot for AF First Aid. We had been chatting to Andy for a few weeks and he wanted some dramatic images of his van for use in on his website and in other marketing materials. 

We did the shoot on a quiet industrial estate, and even though the idea was quite simple, the shoot proved a little more complex than we first thought.

We had planned the shoot based on Andy's van driving behind a car with a light firing out of the open boot and our car alongside with Hazel driving, a light firing out of the rear side window and me shooting out of the rear passenger door. (Benefits of a Landrover Defender 110!)

Gauging the speeds of all 3 vehicles, keeping them together and getting the lights to fire, get the exposure right and get the background we wanted was a challenge!

We got a brilliant sky, so I popped a variable ND filter on the lens to bring down the exposure of the sky then hit the van with some fill light. We lit the front of the van from the open boot of Graeme's Focus with an SB900 and lit the side of the van from the Defender with the Ranger Quadra on just under half power.

The Pocketwizards did a fab job of controlling the TTL exposure of the SB900. Thanks to the TT1 and TT5 Flex triggers, we didn't miss a single shot on the entire shoot!

In the end, we did the same little loop about half a dozen times before I was happy with the shots I had.

 We then finished off with a few shots of the van stationary, using the same lighting set up as we used when moving.

Nikon D3
24-70mm 2.8
Elinchrom Ranger Quadra (A head)
Pocketwizard Flex TT1 and TT5 triggers.

The kit worked perfectly and everyone was really pleased with the results.

Thanks to our drivers, Andy, Hazel and Graeme, voice activated light stands Cora and Serena and Justine for keeping an eye on the kids back at home, a real team effort!

It was great to be working on a shoot with Graeme, partner in Red7Media and owner of Stylographic Design.

 Here are a couple of the edited images....

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