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Friday, 20 May 2011

Victoria and Adam's pre wedding shoot.

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It's been really busy over the last couple of weeks and have just got round to posting a few of Victoria and Adam's pre wedding shoot from a couple of weeks ago. It was good fun and they were really relaxed about the whole thing!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Leonie and Tristan's stunning Cumbria wedding....

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We had a truly fabulous day shooting Leonie and Tristan's wedding up in Carlisle at the stunning Dalston Hall Hotel. It was a long day, we left Liverpool at 7am Saturday and got home around 130am Sunday! It was worth the journey though. The weather was gorgeous (a real photography challenge!!) and the surroundings fabulous. Like with all weddings though, what makes them special is people. Their families and friends made the photography easy and we really felt part of the day with everyone having a good time! We even got an unexpected serving of the dinner which was lovely!
There are so many images that we love, it's been really hard picking some to show here, but here we go with a short collection, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed capturing these moments on a really special day!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Rachel and Gareth pre wedding shoot

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We had a great time last weekend with Rachel and Gareth shooting their pre wedding images for their big day! Rachel is the third of 3 siblings whose weddings we have had the privilege of photographing. We feel we really know lots of family members now and are looking forward to getting to meet up with them again......

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Pre wedding shoot featured on national wedding blog....

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A couple of weeks ago, after we published the images from Paul and Elisa's pre-wedding shoot, we were contacted by national wedding blog MWideas asking us they could showcase the images from that shoot. We were delighted to agree to this and the feature will be live tomorrow, 4th May.

"Modern Wedding Ideas is all about doing things a little bit differently and knowing how to stand out from the crowd. Weddings are often forgetful where one wedding merges into another with everything being very 'samey', so Modern Wedding Ideas is all about being a bit quirky. It's not your usual wedding gush and endless promotion of wedding suppliers, like the wedding magazines. It's more original, promoting uniqueness and being different."

Nicola from MWIdeas said:
"We wanted to showcase your images because they're not your usual standard pre-wedding shots. The choice of angles, compositions and locations fits with what I try and promote - something that's a little bit different. It's great work!"

Please take a moment to visit MWIdeas and let us know what you think.....