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Friday, 30 March 2012

Image of the week 2012, number 13....

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There was a remarkable sunset last Wednesday when the setting sun appeared to be huge in he sky as it went down. We were driving home when we caught sight of it just going behind a building at around 740pm. We raced down to the waterfront to try and capture it on the horizon. We were about 1 minute from the waterfront, but this wasn't enough time to be able to get the shot! However, the sky looked amazing so I had to settle for a shot of that, and here it is....

Lumix GF1, 1/1600 sec, f2.5, ISO 125.

Brandon SOC video released....

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A few weeks ago, we photographed some behind the scenes images for a new single by US artist Brandon SOC. Well, the single is now released and is available, along with the album, on itunes.

Brandon got in touch with the following info.....

Just wanted to pass along the link to the new music video. It was filmed in Liverpool in February and just completed it last night!! (6 weeks later!)

Music Video (YouTube)
Music Video (Vimeo)

"The Narrow Road" Album, iTunes

"The Narrow Road" Album, Amazon

Check it out......

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Welcome to new commercial clients ENER-G.

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This week, we are delighted to welcome ENER-G as our latest commercial clients. We have been in negotiations with them, over email, for a few weeks now. After tendering for the job and providing some test shots, we were delighted to find out that they have decided to use us for their latest photography assignment.

ENER-G designs, develops and finances energy efficient, sustainable and renewable solutions on a business-to-business basis globally.

The photos will be used for brochures, exhibition stands, their website, and other product literature such as case studies, and datasheets etc.

Photographer Ian MacMichael will be making the short journey over to the Manchester offices to complete the shoot. Ian said "it's an exciting opportunity and I'm pleased that we were able to win the commission. I'm looking forward to the shoot and meeting the team and working closely with them to provide the images they want to promote their product and branding."

Friday, 23 March 2012

Image of the week 2012, number 12.....

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You ever get the feeling a trend or an idea has been taken way too far?

Panasonic Lumix GF1, 1/1600th, f2.5, ISO 100

Another feature on theweddingvine.com.....

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We were very pleased to receive an email this week from the new editor-in-chief at luxury bridal inspiration site theweddingvine.com. She was asking if they could feature one of our 2011 weddings on their blog as one of their showcased "real weddings" which always showcase "the very best suppliers in the wedding industry". We have had a fairly long association with theweddingvine.com and are thrilled that they want to feature one of our weddings. The site features some of the most respected and highly regarded wedding photographers working in the UK today, so we feel very proud to be featured in this way. Claire got in touch to say...

"I would be absolutely delighted to feature this wedding on the site - the images are absolutely stunning!"

We'll do another post here when the feature is live on their site......

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Welcome to new 2012 wedding clients Ged and Julie...

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This week, we are delighted to welcome Julie and Ged as our latest 2012 wedding clients. They are getting married at luxury venue The West Tower in April. It promises to be a great day and were looking forward to it. We are now approaching the maximum number of weddings for 2012 and are excited to be working with so many couples this year and being a part of their special day...

Friday, 16 March 2012

Image of the week 2012, number 11

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A simple shot this week...I was taking a load of rubbish to the tip after clearing out the shed! I loved all the textures and "grittiness" all around as I pulled up next to the skip. I grabbed this quick shot, then a  simple black and white conversion and that's it!

Lumix GF1:  1000th sec; f2.0; ISO 100

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Claire and Andrew PWS video....

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Claire and Andrew pre wedding shoot...

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Last weekend saw us at a new location for a pre wedding shoot. We shot Claire and Andrew's pre wedding images in Reynold's Park in Woolton, Liverpool. It was quite an overcast afternoon, so we had to try to make the most of the light and use a little help from off camera flash....as always, they felt a little bit strange at first, but soon relaxed and ended up having a great time. Claire got in touch to say....

"Thanks very much for the pre wedding shoot, we really enjoyed it! We also loved the first photo you sent us and are looking forward to seeing the rest".

Well, here are a few favorites from the shoot and a video to follow....

Welcome to new 2012 wedding clients Georgina and Steve.....

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We are delighted to welcome Georgina and Stephen as our latest 2012 wedding clients. It's always nice to cover the wedding of someone we know, and we have been friends with George for a long time, so it will special to be a part of their day. We're really looking forward to the day at St George's Hall and The London Carriage Works hotel, and to getting some City Centre portraits of them on their special day......

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Andrew and Anna wedding

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Well we had a great day shooting the wedding of Andrew and Anna a week or so ago. It was a truly special day and it was great to share it with them, especially as they are friends and we knew lots of people who were there, both as friends and from other weddings we have shot in the same families. Andrew is in the Navy, and there was a guard of honour for them as they came out of the church! To add to the occasion, in a truly remarkable act of providence, the weekend of their wedding coincided with the visit to Liverpool of HMS Liverpool, on her last voyage as she was being decommissioned from service. The weather wasn't great when we decided to go and try to get some images with the ship in the background, but Anna was brave and we braved the elements! As we did, the rain held off and we got some great shots and some passing well wishers passed on their congratulations....one very perceptive observer asked "are you in the Navy?" with out a hint of irony! The fact that Andrew was in full Naval uniform, complete with sword, was apparently lost on him! Anyway, here are a few shots from the day.......

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Image of the week 2012 number 10...

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Sorry this is a day or so late, here is the latest image of the week image! i was in Coventry on Saturday for a meeting and was on the way home after making good time on the journey, only to be met by "weekend lane closures on the Bridge, apologies for any inconvenience" signs! The queue was long and slow, so I took a couple of pictures of the Bridge with the camera on the steering wheel for support! Am really pleased with it and was glad I had my camera with me!

Lumix GF1, 1/25  f 1.7, ISO 400

Friday, 2 March 2012

Image of the week 2012, number 9......

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This week, the image is a little more planned than the spontaneous ones of recent weeks. The last couple of days have been lovely and sunny and really like Spring! I noticed long shadows from the low setting sun and waited till it was just over the roof tops. I wanted to use the tree as a foreground element, and get the sense of distance with the houses and towards the background. I love the colour of the light and the sky and the interest created by the silhouette of the tree and branches.