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Monday, 13 December 2010

"Hi Ian? This is Vogue magazine calling......!"

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We are delighted to announce that we have been contacted by VOGUE magazine to appear in the Valentine's 2011 issue. We received an email last week advising us of the selection and it took a while for the news to sink in! Photographer Ian MacMichael "At first I though it was either a mistake or some kind of scam, so I had to ring them to make sure! I was taken aback to be told that it was not a mistake and they did indeed want to feature our work in the magazine!"

Hayley, sales manager at Vogue said " As I am sure you are aware Ian, Vogue is renowned for nurturing the talents of top, international, world-class photographers within its editorial pages. In keeping with this, Vogue is now specifically looking for Photographers to appeal to their discerning, image conscious readers and we feel that your style of photography meets the necessary high criteria."

We will be 1 of 12 UK photographers profiled in a feature called "Hot Shots". We have just finished sending some images to them and they will choose which image is featured. It is really exciting and we hope it will be a stepping stone in the growth of the business. We will share some more information as it becomes available........

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