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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

American Crew Face Off 2011

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Lat week, we had a great time with Ian and the team at Attitude Men's style salon shooting their competition images for the American Crew Face Off competition 2011.

Face Off is a black and white photographic competition which aims to showcase the latest fashion styles for men and recognises some of the UK’s most talented and up-and-coming stylists. Last year’s competition attracted the attention of the men’s hairdressing industry and a record number of entries so it’s pretty big in the men’s grooming world.

It was a great nigh with lots of laughs and some images the team were really happy with. At the moment, we are not allowed to show any competition images here, but will post news of how they get on when it comes in.

The last couple of years have seen Ian and the team get some success, reaching the 20 winners and 100 finalists in both previous years. This year, we are hoping to go one step further and win it outright!

Graeme, from stylographic design came along for the night and was a great help setting up the shoot and with test shots and teaks to the lighting. he shot some behind the scenes photos and has a great post on his blog. head over there for a quick read. Here are some images we shot of Tom, some of which may be used in the new winter collection at Attitude.

Big thanks also to Duncan from Calumet North West for personally delivering the goods on time, we we're worried at all! We used a Profoto D4 pack and 2 heads, a strip soft box on one head and a couple of grids on the other. We shot with the camera tethered to a Macbook Pro straight in Adobe photoshop Lightroom 3. The camera was a Nikon D3 and the amazing 24-70mm f2.8.

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