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Monday, 16 April 2012

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We had a wonderful day with Claire and Andrew last weekend, with the famous weather being very cooperative! Lots of photographers will mention the difficulties of shooting under different conditions like bright, direct sunlight, or the rain and cloud or even the darkness inside churches and reception venues. We try to not let these varying conditions affect our shooting. The weather is something we can not control and we always encourage our couples to try not to stress about the weather. Generally, the only predictable thing about it is that it's unpredictable! Wedding photography is not about the weather, or the venue or great backgrounds, but about people. Families and friends coming together to share in the happiest day of 2 people's lives. What we strive to capture are the intimate moments, full of emotion, conveying the true feeling of the day.
There was a genuinely great feeling and atmosphere on Claire and Andrew's day and we believe that comes across in so may of their pictures. We are very proud to show a small selection here on the blog as a taster of the entire collection . Thanks go to Kip and all at St Peter's in Woolton, who were very helpful, especially after some recent bad experiences with photographers, and also to the staff at The Atlantic Tower Thistle Hotel in Liverpool city centre who did all they could to help us out.


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