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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sam and Greg's stunning wedding....

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We had a truly memorable day a couple of weeks ago with Sam and Greg. Ever since we first met up, we have got on really well, it actually felt like photographing a friend's wedding! Their whole day was at the stunning Thornton Manor on the Wirral.

It rained pretty much all day, but, like we say to all our couples, wedding photography is not about the weather, it is about family and friends coming together to share a celebration. This was the case for Sam and Greg, they didn't let the poor weather affect any part of their day. In fact, we were able to get outside and do some stunning portraits of them.

Hazel spent the morning with Sam and her party, while I was with the fellas. Things were pretty calm around the whole place to be honest, and there were lots of lovely personal touches around the venue to make it feel really intimate.

All the indoor imagery was captured without any strobes, only using the available light, apart from the first dance images. This is challenging given that Thornton Manor is, since it is a stately home, quite dark inside. We were using a Nikon D3 and D700s for the day.

For the outside portraits, we used our usual off camera flash set up with an SB900 in a Photoflex small Octadome triggered by the Pocketwizard Flex system.  We find this works really well and is super reliable in terms of triggering and consistency of exposure.

For the first dance images, we used an SB900 and an SB800 both triggered by Pocketwizard Flex TT5s with a TT1 on camera.

Since our style is predominately photo-journalistic, we did our best to remain unnoticed, and it was really good to hear from Sam a couple of days after the wedding that they were delighted with our approach on the day and that there had been so many positive comments about the photographers being "fun, easy going and not taking over".

We are delighted with the images from the day which we feel really reflect the whole atmosphere of a truly happy day. It has been really difficult job to pick just a few to show here, but here is a small selection.....

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