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Friday, 14 December 2012

New website and blog for the new year......

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We are excited that, from January 2013, Ian MacMichael photography will have a brand new bespoke website and blog!

 We have had the current site for around 3 years now and it was certainly time for an update.

Massive thanks go to Graeme over at Stylographic design for his input, design ideas and most of all patience! As a photographer, I found it REALLY difficult to select only a handful of images for a web gallery...we have so many images we love we wanted to show them all, but, sadly that's just not possible.....

I ended up sending Gra over 150 wedding images and then let him do the selecting from there with a final say so from us....

It's been a fairly long process getting everything exactly how we wanted. Sometimes, it's not so easy to explain in words what is in your head, but Graeme has a really good sense of what I am thinking and is usually pretty close first time.

The new site will bring together our wedding work, our commercial work and blog, making it easier for clients to go to the images they are most interested in seeing.  It will now all be at the same web address; www.ianmacmichael.co.uk.

Hopefully, this will make things feel more "together" and the new look will be easier to navigate and looks fabulous too!

The up shot is that, sadly, this blog, like all good things, will be coming to a close at the end of this year. From January, all our blog posts, awards, news and reviews will be on my new site, rahter than on a third party site like blogger.

It has been great having blogger for this time and with around 50,000 views, it has certainly served its purpose!

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