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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

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Last week, photographer Ian MacMichael tagged along with Graeme, fellow co-owner of Red7 Media and owner of Stylographic design. Graeme had been asked by US hip-hop artist Brandon to go along to a local studio and shoot the music video for the single release from Brandon's latest album. Ian went along to shoot some behind the scenes stills and video. It was a really enjoyable evening, going on until the early hours...finally wrapping up at around 145am!
Brandon had seen some street dancers locally, called funkymentals, and had asked them to come into the studio to perform a set to be used in the music video.
We shot some images of their set and we are really pleased with the results. Lighting was difficult in the basement studio. there were a couple of LED panels on hand to help out. As a result, we couldn't use as fast a shutter speed as we would have liked, but the results are really cool and convey a sense of the strength and action in the performance. Although new to using video as part of our product service, Ian was able to bring some suggestions from a stills shooter perspective. Ian said "Graeme and I obviously work really well together with Red7 media, but this was the first time we had worked together on a live shoot. We were able to bounce ideas around and to overcome each of the challenges of the evening as a team. Graeme did a fantastic job with the video, especially the hand held segments. The rig was really heavy and he managed some great footage with it hand held. Hopefully, it was the first of many events that we can work together on!"
The remainder of the behind the scenes stills and video will be posted as soon as the video is edited and cut for release....
Here are a few shots of the amazing funkymentals in action.....

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