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Friday, 24 February 2012

West Tower Bridal Fayre.

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OK, so after a rushed post a couple of days ago, we've had a bit of time to sort the images out and post the collection. We are really delighted with the results of such an impromptu and unrehearsed shoot. We had a simple one light set up with an SB900 through a Photoflex extra small octadome, triggered by Pocketwizard flex system.

The hair, makeup and dress were all prepared very quickly as we were all exhibiting at the show so were getting things together in between chatting to existing or potential new clients. So, big thanks go to the following....

Sandra from West Tower for allowing us to do the shoot in the midst of their show.
Duncan from L'Hairport for his willingness to get involved and also getting  make up and wedding dress suppliers involved.
Lauren and Dawn from the Bridal Gallery Group
Sam from Ruby Slippers make up.
And last, but most certainly not least, our fabulous model Lauren, who did a fantastic job and looked stunning!

Also, thanks to Lilibet from Lilibets of Paris for her moral support, thanks sis! And to Julie from My Secret Italy, for willing us on, but then talking to new clients and missing the shoot!

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