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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Andrew and Anna's pre wedding shoot....

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Last weekend, we had a really great time with Andrew and Anna on their pre wedding shoot. It was a chilly afternoon and we weren't expecting the park to be so busy! Anyway, we had great fun along with lots of curious looks, and curious pets and getting in the way of kids' bike races! The late afternoon sun was gorgeous and there was a real orange glow later on as the sun set. We tried to use this where we could and combined this beautiful warm light with some strobe light,  triggered using the Pocketwizard flex triggers and a photo-flex small Octadome on the flash.
There were so many lovely images, it was really hard to select just a few for the blog, so we also produced a video of the complete shoot which will be in the next post.....enjoy it you two, you looked great!

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