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Friday, 6 January 2012

Image of the week 2012.....

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This year, we are aiming to share one new picture every week, shot on our recently purchased, second hand point and shoot camera. The aim is to inspire our own creativity, and that of anyone else who wants to get involved. There will be little or no editing of the images either, maybe just black and white conversions....just us, the camera and some creativity! It promises to be a tough, yet rewarding challenge. I have a plan to set up a microsite where anyone interested can upload their images and we can learn from, challenge and inspire each other! I'm really looking forward to this, so if you want to get involved, post a comment on this blog, or on my facebook page, or twitter, or email me here......

So, here's our first "image of the week 2012"! A Saturday morning coffee in Leaf, Liverpool....I liked the way the girl was framed by the older couple, lit from above by the retro lampshades.

Panasonic Lumix GF1, 20mm pancake lens, manual, 1/60, f1.7, ISO 800.

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